This week I’ve been doing a couple of Sargent and Zorn paintings. So I thought that as I did years ago with the Charles Bargue plates, copying all that stuff (not exciting but really helpful) why not doing the same with my painting and copying Sargent?? I know that not everyone agrees with the utility of copying Bargue. But in my case I have to say that I have done it twice, the first when I started to study drawing (in this case I did not choose it, but it was compulsory to copy some 4 or 5 drawings of Bargue). In the end the drawings were great but it took an eternity and at that moment I did not fully understand how much they helped me. The second time, I chose it!! I know, I know, it can sound a bit strange after my first experience with Charles, but I did, I just chose to copy a few plates of Bargue. This was after having been studying for a few years, and having a decent level of drawing, but (there is always a but) we all know that, no matter what, you always end up fixing and obsessing with that little mistake, that for the same strange reason, only you can see it. So I started again with Bargue and the truth is that I enjoyed it, I ended up doing about 10 plates (many of them from the last part of the book, stage 3) and from my experience, the learnings were invaluable, I gained clarity and a much deeper understanding of the human figure. At this time I’m much happier with my drawing, well… there is always room for improvement!! But I start feeling the same with my painting, I miss the intermediate step that allows me to deepen, clarify and unify my painting, so I thought that study and copy Sargent maybe a very good idea, in any case, we will see!