This story reminds me of that little prince and his rose. There are thousands of teddies in the world, in fact, there are thousands of them like Rocca, but what makes Rocca special, is the time you spent with her, the time you took care of her, the time you shared with her, that time in which you found and tamed each other, that´s your treasure!! because the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.

Step One

I remember well the first time I held Rocca, she seemed light, delicate, very tender and a little shy, certainly introverted, with a vibrant and prolific inner world. So I felt her, like a little girl looking for someone to share, looking for love in a very big world. And I wanted to draw her like that, sitting, with her legs dangling, accompanying each other, and her head bent and curious, looking and waiting. So one I have the pose ready I started blocking in the basic shapes and forms that makes up Rocca. The most important thing at the moment is to get “the gesture”, to capture the essence of the movement, weight, and inflexion of the body, simplicity is the key at this point.

Step Two

I continue blocking the forms, in a much more specific way, there is only one Rocca in the world and my way of showing it is being as specific as possible, every detail not only adds value, makes her unique.

Step Three

I add up the background and shadows. I like to go from back to front, so I can use the background as a value reference.

Step Four

I now begin to model the shapes and work the textures, to get the volume and that feeling of tenderness that transmits, everything is important.

Step Five

I adjust values, edges and drawing so everything can work as a whole. It is time to prioritize, to guide the viewer. Every drawing is a story that is counted by chapters, and now is the time to order all the chapters to make sense of your story, Rocca.


Rocca, at some magic moment, you stopped being just lines in a drawing, to become much more, and now you have a kindly and unique story to tell, Your Story, a Love Story. I really hope you like it.