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/Plein Air
August 28 08, 2017

Salisbury Arts Centre

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Today I finished this new painting. I have been working on it for the last five days and thanks to the good weather I have been able to dedicate a couple of extra days to refine details and I have enjoyed a lot doing it.

August 27 08, 2017

Arundells 1st Session

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First session of the Arundells Project. I started by blocking first the figure in raw umber and after that I painted the whole background in color. I enjoyed it a lot. I´m really looking forward to start tomorrow the second session!! Once I finish this project I think I will do another study from another angle, just to paint the figure again!!!


I enjoy painting outside, where very friendly and respectful people usually come to talk or take some pictures. Like Paul Whittle who kindly sent me this beautiful picture.

Thank you Paul, It´s a Great Picture!!!

Paul is a Travel Lecturer. You can see his work and book his lectures at

Thank you again Paul for sharing your time and this gorgeous picture with me!!

August 24 08, 2017

Sorolla at Work

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Some months ago in the Sorolla Museum (Madrid), they made an exhibition of photographs of Sorolla working. It was wonderful!! Those huge brushes and brushstrokes, really is a clearly quantitative change of work!!! I also did a couple of pictures of paintings seen from the side, at least everything that allowed the frames, to appreciate the different layers of painting. Enjoy!!!

May 25 05, 2017

Salisbury Cathedral

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Today #pleinairpainting at #salisburycathedral. A nice view of the Catredal from the meadows and with much history. The people of the town have made me many comments about #johnConstable, maybe also a place a little compromised, anyway, I have tried to do the best I could !! @ Salisbury Cathedral

May 14 05, 2017


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Afternoon #pleinairpainting. Today I have worked on a much bigger canvas, almost double what I was used to, and I have worked much better, the size has not been complicated today but the constant changes of value have driven me crazy !!! There was plenty of wind and clouds, lots of clouds today.